Pietro Fiorentini Group and Hududgazta’minot JSC signed an agreement for the second phase of the gas network modernisation project in Uzbekistan

13 April 2023  -  Corporate

A few days ago, the Pietro Fiorentini Group and Hududgazta’minot JSC signed an important agreement as part of the project to modernise and digitalise Uzbekistan’s gas transmission and distribution network.

The agreement involves the realisation by Pietro Fiorentini of 5,434 smart gas regulation and control stations. It is also planned to set up a training centre for engineers in Uzbekistan to train them in the operation and maintenance of the new network.

Also participating in the project will be PF Group subsidiary Terranova, whose TSG software will enable data collection, remote monitoring and real-time verification of flow rates and pressures.
“Hududgazta’minot received a mandate from President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to implement the project on modernisation and reconstruction of the gas supply system of Uzbekistan in
2022-2024 – said Eshmuratov Bakhodir Beshimovich, Chairman of the Board of Hududgazta’minot JSC – This project is a top priority for the Uzbek government, particularly after some of the civil and industrial users experienced service disruptions and the suspension of gas supplies due to abnormal consumption caused by an exceptionally cold winter.”
The agreement with the Pietro Fiorentini Group, signed with the attendance of Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Italy, Otabek Akbarov, renews Hududgazta’minot JSC’s commitment to the digitalisation of the gas distribution network, a fundamental infrastructure for the nation’s development and prosperity.
Over the past three years, Hududgazta’minot has implemented the Automated Gas Metering Control System project, which involved the installation of more than three million smart gas meters in domestic households across the country. The new devices led to a significant reduction in consumption thanks to an increased awareness among users, thus bringing significant benefits to the national economy and decreasing carbon emissions.
“After the success achieved with the first phase of the project, managed by the local company Texnopark, we are glad that Hududgazta’minot decided to rely once again on Pietro Fiorentini as industrial partner – said Cristiano Nardi, Executive Chairman of the Pietro Fiorentini Group – The new smart stations will be crucial to guarantee Uzbek citizens a more stable and efficient gas network.”
The second phase has already started in 2022 with a maintenance programme of the existing stations and the integration of the national gas pipeline network with the construction of 381 km of new pipelines. Four of Pietro Fiorentini’s new smart stations have already been installed as part of a pilot project in the Shaykhantakhur district of the state capital Tashkent. The project will continue in the rest of the Tashkent area and then extend to neighbouring regions, with the goal of digitalising the entire national network by 2026.
SACE, in addition to its participation in the first phase of the project, has renewed its interest in supporting the negotiation between Pietro Fiorentini and Hududgazta’minot.


“We are proud to once again stand alongside Pietro Fiorentini, our partner since 2005, an Italian excellence that boasts a significant international presence and is investing heavily in the energy and digital transition.” declared Bernardo Attolico, Chief Business Officer of SACE. “SACE’s mission is to enhance the competitiveness of companies promoting Made in Italy abroad and this project confirms our commitment to supporting the growth plans of Italian companies in a high-potential territory such as Uzbekistan, which has launched an ambitious reform plan with the aim to improve its business climate”.
Once completed, the project led by Hududgazta’minot will strengthen the network’s capability to operate even at low pressures resulting from consumption peaks, enabling service interventions to be reduced by more than 60% (including more than 90% of emergency situations) and cutting network gas leaks by approximately 38.9 million cubic metres, with clear benefits for the entire community.
Focus on: Hududgazta’minot JSC
It is the state-owned company responsible for the transportation and distribution of natural gas in Uzbekistan, with approximately 7,671,600 customers served, 91,290 km of pipelines and 67,735 distribution points. Its primary objectives include improving the quality of customer service and ensuring the continuity of gas supplies regardless of weather conditions, while pursuing the goals of improving energy efficiency, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and increasing the flow of ‘green’ investments and technologies. https://hududgaz.uz/
Focus on: Terranova
Terranova is a leading company in the Energy & Utilities sector that develops flexible, modular, and custom-designed software able to respond to any market need, offering comprehensive support to companies in their digitization, innovation, and sustainability processes. https://www.terranovasoftware.eu/
Focus on: SACE
Sace is the Italian insurance-financial company specializing in supporting businesses and the national economic fabric through a wide range of tools and solutions to support competitiveness in Italy and around the world. For over forty years, SACE has been the reference partner for Italian companies that export and grow in foreign markets. It also supports the banking system to facilitate access to credit for companies with its financial guarantees, with a role reinforced by the extraordinary measures provided for by the Liquidity Decree. https://www.sace.it/

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