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We have a vast range of components: gas pressure regulators, valves, filters and safety devices, combined with a complete selection of traditional and smart meters for residential or industrial use and a series of data loggers and volume converters to aid in the digitalisation of gas networks.


Complete systems that range from gas treatment to distribution stations, traditional PRMS stations for pressure regulation and metering for every requirement, up to the most innovative solutions for biogas upgrading and biomethane injection.


A myriad of services, both remote and on site, that range from engineering design and feasibility studies to scheduled and extraordinary maintenance. Furthermore, we offer data management services for companies, training for gas technicians, and spare parts support for products and systems: unparalleled service offerings that make Pietro Fiorentini the only – not to mention perfect – partner needed for every requirement in the energy sector.


Technology, innovation, research, planning, design and strategy: here at Pietro Fiorentini every aspect is the subject of constant review and continuous improvement, striving to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.

Products for every need

A wide range of products manufactured in our premises in Italy and all over the world. Not only pressure regulators, but a complete set of devices designed for the whole natural gas value chain (but not only that). Starting from multiphase flow meters for the wellhead up to traditional and smart residential meters, through all the intermediate stages.

  • High – medium pressure gas regulators
  • Medium – low pressure gas regulators
  • Low pressure gas regulators and governors
  • Valves
  • Gas filters
  • Gas metering
  • Gas network monitoring and volume conversion
  • Multiphase flow metering

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We manage projects from A to Z

Feasibility studies, engineering, construction, controls, automation, installation, service: Pietro Fiorentini deploys all the required skills to deliver systems tailored to the customer’s needs, from pressure reducing and metering station to the most complex gas treatment plant.

  • Oil treatment
  • Gas treatment
  • Gas pressure protection
  • Gas odorizing systems
  • Gas pressure control and metering
  • Smart Gas Grid systems
  • Renewables energies

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Rethinking tomorrow's energy

Renewable energies are the new frontier of gas production. Biogas upgrading, biomethane injection, hydrogen blending, power-to-gas systerms: the rise of green gases elevates the complexity of transmission and distribution networks. At Pietro Fiorentini we are aware of the challenges facing the energy sector and are ready to contribute with our experience to the global decarbonisation process.

  • Biogas upgrading
  • Biogas cryoupgrading by cryogenic separation
  • Biomethane injection
  • Hydrogen blending stations
  • Liquid biomethane metrology
  • Power-to-gas & methanation systems
  • Biomethane liquefaction
  • CO2 purification and liquefaction

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A 360° support

Not just components and systems: our aim is to provide 360° customer support. Our services span from engineering to after-sales support, including on-site analysis, project evaluation, design, installation and regular or extraordinary maintenance. Pietro Fiorentini is the ideal single point of contact for all companies operating in the energy sector.

  • Engineering services
  • Data Management solutions
  • On-site services
  • Geochemical services
  • Training courses
  • Spare parts

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Technical manuals, flyers, technical brochures, posters, hydrogen compatibility declarations, instructions, catalogs…

Every multilingual products, systems, renewable energies and services documentation available for download in just one click.

  • Products
  • Systems
  • Renewable energies
  • Services

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